Hi, I'm Deva Angelina

I’ve been on the entrepreneurial path for over 10 years which has been a deeply spiritual
and expansive process. I see it as a sacred journey back to the self.

To create is part of our nature and one of the most fulfilling
aspects of our lives if we’re willing to do the work and break through the
limiting beliefs that hold us back.

It is my passion to teach and help people find their clear purpose so that
creation is easy and feels good in their body.

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  • “One session with Deva provided unbelievable CLARITY of purpose and RECONNECTION to myself and Spirit. From the beginning of the session I knew I was in for a wonderful experience yet I couldn't believe the value I received in just one hour! I've since gone on to get two big projects off the ground from the guidance I received from Deva. She's good. Real good.” 

    Mary Catherine Shurett
    Mary Catherine Shurett www.mcshurett.com
  • Deva is an absolute delight to work with. She is insightful and really gives 100% of herself during our coaching sessions. Just her presence alone is very healing; I feel so open sharing all of the vulnerable details of my life and my personal struggles with her without reserve. She has helped me to recognize and clear some of my blockages and helped me to find new healthy coping methods for my struggles. I am grateful to have found her.”

    Lana Chovan
    Lana Chovan Founder, Nadi Athletic
  • Deva is truly a gifted coach and has found her calling. We did some clarity work and I felt so empowered and supported throughout the entire process. If you are feeling stuck or you want to elevate your life to the next level I highly recommend working with Deva.”

    Naomi C.
    Naomi C. Esthetician & Mama